Learn how RJS recruit overseas with Jemma Sydney, DIPRP, Director

Wondering how we recruit so successfully overseas?

We asked our Director, Jemma, to explain in more detail how the RJS Resourcing strategy works.

When a new client, comes to you with an overseas requirement, how do you start things off?

Initially it starts the same way as onboarding any new Client, we work with them to understand the positions they need filling and the requirements for the candidates to fill them. We also ensure that they have the correct sponsor licence from the UK Government, sometimes referred to as a Tier 2 licence.

If the sponsor licence is all in place, we then determine where we are likely to find the best candidates to fill the roles – this can be across many countries.

How do you reach candidates in other countries?

Having been recruiting overseas for a number of years, we’ve built up a large database of applicants with a range of skill sets, so initially we can look to that.

In addition, we look at the overseas jobs boards which we are regularly using.

We use our social media and paid advertising to reach geographical areas as well as attending job events across Europe.

This year we’ve visited Greece, Romania twice and Lithuania.

What happens when you find the right candidate?

Once we have a candidate or candidates, we think suitable for the client, we conduct two in depth interviews and ensure the candidates credentials all check out. We ensure they have both the capability and legal right to work in UK or have the right documents to secure the Sponsorship Visa. This can include ID checks ILTS, police check, medical checks depending on country as well as referencing and any other specific client requirements.

Once we are happy with the candidate, we will arrange for the client to interview them fully managing the interview, follow up and if successful, candidate process.

Once employment offers have made been made and accepted RJS will handle as little or as much or as little as the client requires – from supporting with travel arrangements to ensuring the candidate is happily integrating into their new country and position.

Do you follow ups?

Yes, we have a responsibility to all involved to ensure things run smoothy and everyone is happy. We will check in on the first day and regularly in the first month to provide support to the candidate and the client. In addition, we will always remain on hand to support the business with future recruitment.

What advice you would you give?

Ensure proper induction in place to support candidates in their new environment. The most successful placements have a good process in place, good quality accommodation in place for the candidates and importantly they ensure they feel safe and comfortable as they integrate a new team and location.