Ethical Recruiters List for International Recruitment

RJS Resourcing is excited to announce our acceptance into the Ethical Recruiters List for International Recruitment. This recognition emphasises our commitment to upholding a high ethical standard in recruitment practices, particularly in the healthcare sector, where the hiring process directly impacts patient care and well-being.

The Ethical Recruiters List, as outlined by NHS Employers, is a list that highlights recruitment agencies that adhere to ethical international recruitment practices, in line with the UK Code of Practice for International Recruitment. This initiative aims to ensure that international recruitment activities are conducted responsibly, supporting sustainable healthcare systems worldwide and safeguarding the rights of overseas healthcare professionals.

Joining the Ethical Recruiters List is not just a recognition for RJS Resourcing; it's a testament to our dedication to responsible and fair recruitment. Our inclusion shows our compliance with firm guidelines that prioritise transparent communication, the welfare of candidates, and the impact on the healthcare systems of source countries.

What does this mean for our clients and candidates? For healthcare organisations, working with an ethically accredited recruiter like RJS Resourcing ensures that international recruitment is aligned with best practices, contributing to the global effort to maintain healthcare workforce sustainability. For international healthcare professionals, this accreditation guarantees a recruitment experience that respects their rights, supports their career aspirations, and offers a transparent pathway to opportunities in the UK healthcare system.

RJS Resourcing's acceptance onto the Ethical Recruiters List reinforces our position as a trusted partner in the recruitment landscape, committed to contributing positively to the healthcare sectors in the UK and beyond.

We are proud of this achievement and look forward to continuing our work, ensuring that our recruitment practices not only meet but exceed the ethical standards set by the NHS Employers. Our goal remains to facilitate recruitment processes that are beneficial for all parties involved – our clients, our candidates, and the healthcare systems we support.

For more information on the Ethical Recruiters List and what it means for international recruitment, visit NHS Employers.